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  1. skynard
    skynard bruce boland
    do you still have the rocker set
  2. konrodz
    konrodz greenracing
    The restraint Is available as a blower bag . They are both being sold separately. If you are interested in both please email me directly at
  3. brutustitan
    brutustitan crewman
    Do you still have the Pro Mag 44?
    925 437 1936
  4. brutustitan
    brutustitan Problem Child
    I'm interested in the Mag-44 with coil and box used $1,500.
    Is the box a rev limiter?
    925 437 1936
    Do you still have -.500 brad blower manifold if so is it for a roots supercharger if yes please send picture
    Thanks Howard Anderson
  6. bobby
    Licensed in 1989, Race car Fabricator/Engine Builder, Retired High School Auto Tech Teacher (Credentialed in Auto tech, Metal Fab & Welding)
  7. 125wheelbase
    125wheelbase mogenss
    Tell me about the rocker arms you have, exhaust and intake along with good pics please. Thanks Charles
  8. 125wheelbase
    125wheelbase mogenss
    I have some purple stands I'd sell. Good shape
  9. konrodz
    konrodz CopelandRaceCars
    Trying to sell them with the roller if anything changes I will let you know
  10. MichaelTTBoat
    MichaelTTBoat Racer22
    Hi mate, im after those 2 msd10 plus coils whats your email so we can organise payment and frieght. Mines
  11. gf20295
    gf20295 andy wilfong
    with the number of questions i have and the character restriction i have sent you 4 emails...sorry
    1. andy wilfong
      andy wilfong
      You can call me at the shop if you like714-992-9292, I would be happy to answer your questions
      Mar 22, 2018
  12. gf20295
    gf20295 andy wilfong
    what do they mean when they say it it a superman blower?
    do you have used 1471's for sale?
    thank you very much for the information!!
    greg fedak
    734 552 7408
  13. gf20295
    gf20295 andy wilfong
    do all hi helix have pie opening?
    if not are hi helix with standard opening retro blowers?
    is it possible to take a littlefield 1471 standard opening and put in HH rotors ?? is that called a retro?
    are standard opening HH prone to pushing the rotors up if backfired?
    can you put a pie plate on a HH standard opening?? does it "work" the same as a pie opening case?
  14. gf20295
    gf20295 andy wilfong
    andy new to the blower world and have a few questions...could you please help me out?

    with the number of questions i have and the character restriction i will send you 2 emails...sorry

    doing to build a t/d motor...chevy with callies crank and rods, brodix heads, t&d, manton etc. thought i'd go 12.5 comp.

    blower?? hi helix i heard is the way to go

    is it true a HH takes less hp to drive the blower??)
    1. andy wilfong
      andy wilfong
      Yes, a HH does take less power to turn and also has a cooler manifold charge
      Mar 22, 2018
  15. Jclark2199
    Jclark2199 Whiplash393
    Please send pics of the mag setup. 563.271.3102 or
  16. Matt
    Matt ATT
    1. ATT
      OK. Please check your email. Thanks
      Mar 12, 2018
  17. Casey Grisel
    Casey Grisel Lennon300
    We have a 72 gpm rage pump, and also a set 0f 320 gears for a 10.5" strange. Call Jerry 818-406-4693
  18. atlas
    atlas MaineAlkyFan
    Can you pm me
  19. atlas
    atlas MaineAlkyFan
    Hi Chris great blog on your new chassis
    Cheers Michael
  20. skynard
    skynard Nitrolink
    would like price on rocker assembly